Protect Your Business

No business can afford to ignore the risk of cybercrime, which can lead to financial loss, business disruption and reputational damage.

If you use the internet to operate your business then you need to protect against cyber threats.

Protect your business from common cyber threats with a range of guides. The Small Business Guide, Step-by-Step Guides and Quick Wins for Business can get you started.

Be alert to the threat of Business Email Compromise that includes invoice fraud and apply protections including business processes in your business for validating bank account changes and payment requests.

Cybercriminals are using the coronavirus situation to circulate online scams and take advantage of people and businesses working from home. See the coronavirus related cyber threat and security advice.

Protect against ransomware that will lock your computer and data. Cybercriminals use ransomware to demand payment to get back your access. Read the prevention guide and step-by-step emergency guide if you are a victim of ransomware.

The Essential Eight are key security controls recommended as a baseline by the Australian Signal's Directorate and Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

Register for free cyber security alerts to explain recent online threats and how they can be managed.

If you are interested in your business supplying to Defence visit the Defence Industry Support Program to understand the cyber security requirements.